A Retrospect

It had been a long day and she was returning home with her dad. Her dad was not very talkative and she seemed to like that. Except for the usual "How was your day?" and stuff, they didn't talk much and she just looked around silently, pondering on her day that had just passed.

Her day had started the usual when she craved for five more minutes of sleep but ended up with fifteen more and getting late, AGAIN! Well, as usual she had to switch herself to Hyper mode and got ready for yet another day. She was just in time for her bus, took her favourite seat and made herself comfortable with a novel, her favourite pastime. Still she hated the bus. She didn't really have good friends to talk to there, and her journey to school and back was always in silence. Except for the times when this guy from the other section would come in her bus. She didn't really consider him a friend, but whenever they got to sit nearby, they could talk endlessly about all kinds of stuff! From jokes to politics, from likes to dislikes. And well, today was one of those usual- rare days when he sat by her and she could not, and didn't have to either, get herself busy in her book. (Though he talked more than she did!)
They reached school and parted. She caught up with her friends and the whole chatter-herself came out of her dormant being.

School had been usual too:  never-ending morning assembly; previous day homework shocks and then copying those from that nerdy student during the attendance time and then pretending to have done it so sincerely in front of the teacher; boring lectures, made fun by inside jokes; lunch time; more of homework; and again the end of the school day.
She didn't get that despise feeling of going back home alone because she had other plans today. She was supposed to go to her friend's place direct from school. And again, bus journey became fun and talkative with that friend in bus.
Their plans of group study, obviously didn't work out and they ended up playing games, eating, watching movies and obviously talking all the more!

Now on her way back home, she just became conscious of something. All this buzzing day, she had been missing out on something. She had felt it inside but all the happenings had not let that feeling surface.

Silence. Calm. Serenity. A time for herself, was what she had missed out on the whole usual, busy day.

And now that she was with her dad, she felt that peace. She became aware of the silent space, that she has everyday, like the one in the bus, which she had never endured but now came to realise its significance.
She was glad her dad didn't talk much and she could have that time now to make her day feel Complete.


  1. you are getting better by each post---

  2. That's a huge compliment Smit :)
    though i didn't really like this work of mine!


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