How to save on your customer support cost without any compromises

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” - Jimmy Johnson
Enterprises are now being judged on the basis of the quality of services they provide to their customers . Having a great product/service platform is definitely a prerequisite for any company’s success. Yet, the way they help their customers with queries and support  is what distinguishes an extraordinary company  from an ordinary one.
With the increasing competition in almost all the industries, enterprises are now resorting to provide 24x7 support to their customers. Call centres, live chat platforms etc have been incorporated by almost every other company that plans to stay in the market for a long time.
However, valuable  custom support has become for modern day companies, the cost associated with it is a huge burn in their pockets. For ensuring quick resolution of queries over phone, a number of customer support agents have to be employed. And there is a cost associated with each one of them.…

Life: A Journey Forever

Ah! At last! No matter how early they try to finish with exams, they seem to last forever; and end as if they had just started! And today, I finish with my third year too. :D
Well, these three years weren't a piece of cake either! Rather, they moved with a snail's pace too. But now that I think of it, I feel like it wasn't long ago when I graduated from my beloved school with a deep regret of not fulfilling everybody's and my own expectations and landing at a place I never wanted to be in.
Anyway, I'm not here to wail over my sad story of mistakes and regrets or preach about some self-proclaimed philosophy!
I just happened to ponder, how these three years which flew by so fast have brought about changes, and some not-so-changes in me and in people around me; changes that actually looked like they never happened!
I feel like I'm still hanging on to that 18 year old girl who tried to move on from every flaw in the past and was optimistic that come what may, thin…

Salt and Sugar

Relationships gone wrong, failure in something you desperately wanted, a lesson from a bad experience, joy from little happiness, unexpected love from a friend; we all taste the Salt and Sugar of life. Here are some similar to those, mixed with some of my own!

The Universal Anti-Depressant
She threw pages around after having ruined them already by writing and over-writing and scratching and darkening. She just couldn’t think of anything. She couldn’t make any decision, couldn’t perform her tasks well, and threw tantrums out of her outbursts of mood swings. Nothing was going right and their advice was to make a list? Yeah, dude I’ve got a whole bunch of things to do that I’m don’t know how to even start with, and you ask me to make a list! When she fumbled with all her tasks she was supposed to do, tried planning out strategies, in between which got even bored with her random doodling, her phone rang. “Mom!” She talked her usual stuff with her but suddenly she felt calmer, more at peace…

An Impasse, That Was.

Forgive me, for what I’m gonna do right now is just blabber. I haven’t written since ages! Not that I’ve been overwhelmingly busy or lazy or even pretending to be, rather I’m always flooded with ideas when I’m most swamped, following which I’d make a note to myself to write a blog about it. Even sentences would start forming up in my mind…but I’d be too tied up to jot them down.

Those Lost Big Little Things...

I stood by the window, silently. Watching the sun slowly setting down the horizon bidding it goodbye after another day.
And I still kept waiting for YOU. You had promised you'd call. When was that, though?
Probably you were caught up with something. Probably your mom was sick again and you were worried and didn't want to worry me.

A Retrospect

It had been a long day and she was returning home with her dad. Her dad was not very talkative and she seemed to like that. Except for the usual "How was your day?" and stuff, they didn't talk much and she just looked around silently, pondering on her day that had just passed.

Through The Eyes of A Lone Mechanical Girl

Most of my readers are aware of my fate that met me the very first day of my college last year. Though being the only girl in Mechanical Engineering is not really a surprise to those who know about it…but being alone especially when you already have six others for company is rather a raising-eyebrows one. And well, yeah, I was that “lone” girl, thanks to my roll number which could not be 3 more numbers behind or I could be in second section (ME-B) leaving the first section (ME-A) completely bereft of girls! :P Though I managed to get permission to sit in the girls-wala section (as I call it) in the I sem, I could not get so in the next one.