Through The Eyes of A Lone Mechanical Girl

Most of my readers are aware of my fate that met me the very first day of my college last year. Though being the only girl in Mechanical Engineering is not really a surprise to those who know about it…but being alone especially when you already have six others for company is rather a raising-eyebrows one.
And well, yeah, I was that “lone” girl, thanks to my roll number which could not be 3 more numbers behind or I could be in second section (ME-B) leaving the first section (ME-A) completely bereft of girls! :P
Though I managed to get permission to sit in the girls-wala section (as I call it) in the I sem, I could not get so in the next one.
So, back with the guys, I felt like a foreigner (so what if they had already known me as the-girl-that-left??). Owing to our beloved “Facebook” website, I already had quite a good interaction with some of them, which made me feel a bit welcoming. J

Whoever got this news of me being alone with 65 other guys had just one question for me, “Oh God! Really Palaha, how do you manage?? How do you feel??” and blah blah blah; while I had just a shrug as answer to them or sometimes a joke, “Maybe Co-Education is not my thing; either I study with just girls, or just boys!” :D

To cheer me up, were my best of friends whose not-so-pep talk involved making jokes at me, mocking at me or just calling me so lucky! Yeah right :|

So as many people keep asking same questions again and again, here I bring my experience for all at once! :P And now I feel more special ‘Cause not many are ‘lucky’ enough to have such an opportunity and witness even the most outrageous of guys turn into a little less outrageous for just one girl. ;) :P . Or rather, because this is one of those rare things that happened different to me! J

…and here it goes…
  1. Being the only girl meant you sit alone…and mostly in the front, either in the right corner or the left corner.
  2. Everybody wants to chat with you on Facebook… not in classroom K and hence you are the quiet-est person in there! Even a chatterbox can turn into one!
  3. If you are not-so-studious or not-so-observant person, you can improve in either or both because you have nothing to do but study or observe the guys around you.
  4. You become famous everywhere, among other branches, among the seniors, in the girls’ hostel, in the boys’ hostel…. For what??? For being the “next-lone-girl” of mechanical..! :P
  5. Unfortunately, almost everyone, but you gets cool or funny or stupid nicknames! :D (Reliable sources told me I have got none…but WHO KNOWS!? :P )
  6. No matter how much out-of-the-place you look… your voice still can never get teacher’s attention when everybody’s speaking in unison.
  7. If you correct a teacher on your name’s pronunciation, you can feel multiple eyes on you, as if wondering how suddenly this dimmed voice became so loud.
  8. After each and every lecture… the guys have to go to washroom… or to drink water (well, obviously…that’s just another excuse to waste some time :P) and often you are left alone in the room…with the awkward teacher who suggests to you to go out too! :P
  9. You tend to be one of the most sought-after persons during exams when you are free to sit anywhere. “Palaha, sit here.”; “Palaha! Please help me.”  Um…okay...???
  10. When your class is free, you bhatko here and there like a nomad… but in case of free lectures when you are bound to be in the classroom, you just sit in your place and be the audience of all the fun they have, wishing you could be a part of it without the others eyeing you in surprise (or shock, maybe?)
  11. A very strange thing that I had never seen before, every time we needed to move to some other place for lectures/labs, the guys would all stand circling and hanging on each other, like the Indian Cricket Team discussing some strategy.
  1. And hence, you always go late, purposely, with a list of ingenious excuses you could give to your teacher. And yeah, because of this, I was not allowed to enter the class twice, for the first time in my college life! :P
  2. You are targeted by that frank teacher who wants to narrate some “crazy incident” but cannot…thanks to “the-girl” sitting in the class.
  3. You can become victim of stupid pranks and when you come to know of it…you are so bewildered, you have just a raised-eyebrow expression to give! (I regret keeping quiet that time!)
  4. When your teacher mentions something, “whoever’s your friend in the class” you tend to crack strange dialogues, like “Either everybody is my friend… or none” :P
  5. You often become the stationary supplier, completed files provider, assignments supporter, etc etc. But when you can’t be any of those… you are joked to be “Lazy”. Look who’s talking!
  6. If any guy voluntarily becomes friendly to you…he might become the target for you-know-what. (I can’t really confirm this…but I can bet this happens!)
  7.  You get many provisions from your teacher, being the “only-girl” like a little less punishment… or easy forgiveness, less scolding or whatever! ;)
  8. When the whole class gets indicted and assumingly convicted of some ‘scam’, all your classmates make sure with you to keep up with the unity and all the teachers try to lure you into their trap.  
  9. Last, but not the least, it’s a dare to talk to you! ‘Cause when they played the “Dare” game, most dares involved coming over to me to talk or to ask… or to invite me to the game. And well yes, I accepted the invitation once…but after that class…never got such opportunity! :/
      #   It is so prominent.... when you are absent or bunk the class! L and obviously… can never get yourself proxy through someone else! L (Well, same case applies in the girls-wala section too!)

All in all, honestly, I should say, it was not that bad…and kind of fun! :D
I feel more special to have gone through such “trauma” . :D :P
And will still do at the time of externals probably when I’ll have to join them back as per my roll number.
Also, with this experience, I’ve learned a lot many lessons to add more features to my personality. More importantly, I learned to be more bold and confident than I was before; and MOST importantly, Never Ever do anything for the guys (like write file/draw diagrams or something) unless you are sure that at least they’d be grateful to you or else say to them, “Kat-le yaha se” :P
Seriously, Hats off to my seniors who’ve handled so well in spite of being The Only Girl of their Mechanical Batch…!!! They must have had some Real Time!

And the end of this story came in the III semester, when finally the HOD obliged me by transferring to the other section and I got back with my friends only to visit the A section during the exam time! :D

And to people who get so astounded and say “I could never have survived like this," Well…this is not big deal to the girl after some extent of time!

And to the girls who opt for Mechanical, or would like to, never come into the advice of those cynics who say “You’ll be among only guys! Better change it!”

And to the guys…er…never mind!

And this was it! :D

Disclaimer: The incidents described in this post are true. These are not to defame anyone or to target any one particular person but just as an overview and the identity of none is or will be disclosed.. This is written and meant to be just for fun and the writer hopes it is taken to be so. No offence was meant, whatsoever!
# But if you do feel hurt, kindly know that this is none of my business! :P


  1. “Maybe Co-Education is not my thing; either I study with just girls, or just boys!

    This one is hilarious !

  2. This one is amazingly put up! :D
    Enjoyed reading each line. And the points mentioned are so spontaneous! 2,3,9,13,16-naaicee! :D
    Great one Palaha! :)

  3. gurrr-ate..!! Awesome writing strategy! I should compliment that you owned the topic. Hilarious, and witty at the same time. You have this obscure writing technique which leave people smiling after reading every line. Keep writing! \m/(^_^)\m/

  4. @Priyanka di
    thank you so much! :D
    this means a lot to me! :)
    @Sanidhya sir
    you dont know how valuable this comment of urs is to me!! :)
    probably one of the best compliments i have ever received! :D Thank you! :D

  5. hey palaha..i finally read the blog :)..literally..i was smiling all the time while reading..imagining or remembering everything that u have written about..totally agree with piyu's have told your whole experience the most coolest..funniest possible sure have grown bold and confident..:):)

  6. thank you so much Aditi!! :)


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