An Impasse, That Was.

Forgive me, for what I’m gonna do right now is just blabber. I haven’t written since ages! Not that I’ve been overwhelmingly busy or lazy or even pretending to be, rather I’m always flooded with ideas when I’m most swamped, following which I’d make a note to myself to write a blog about it. Even sentences would start forming up in my mind…but I’d be too tied up to jot them down.
When finally I’d catch a breath and sit down with a pen and paper…I’d draw a blank. Probably start scribbling weird drawings…scribble something and then stroke it off.
There are so many issues to write about. There’s the political drama going on, that’s in eyes of everyone; there’s the launch of iPhone5 that has excited me even more than before for I know now how it came to existence; then there’s science; interesting books and of course, life’s own experiences, the main reason this blog had come into being. Last, my favourite, Stories.
But what became all of it? I don’t know. I’d think. Doodle. Think again. Look at what I’ve written.  Dissatisfied. Torn.  
At times it happens I start framing sentences even of day-to-day events as if its in a story! What, am I crazy? Gladly, this has not happened recently and also, I’m kinda back to my writing. :D
Probably would post something substantial and worthy to read. Not my jabber. :P
And definitely sometime soon. :) 

Well, signing off, I thank you for your patience and tolerance for reading all this to the end and hence for your Encouragement. :) 

P.S. I happened to read this:
"Occasionally, there arises a writing situation where you see an alternative to what you are doing, a mad, wild gamble of a way for handling something, which may leave you looking stupid, ridiculous or brilliant -you just don't know which. You can play it safe there, too, and proceed along the route you'd mapped out for yourself. Or you can trust your personal demon who delivered that crazy idea in the first place. Trust your demon." Roger Zelazny

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