The Mother Earth Prays...

I pray to thee, masters of the world,

Forgive me, if I've ever been wrong.

All I wanted was to give you life.

All I ask you for is to live by your side.

I plead you; stop killing… my children, your brothers;

I bleed from the inside.

I gave you birth to see my heaven here,

But mercy thy Lord! Heaven is not so mere.

A safe haven, I strive to give you

You are my child too; I crave to be with you;

But you have scarred me

To the innermost of my being,

Hurt me to the deepest wound, cannot be seen.

You with your intolerant fury

Have pierced my skin, have drawn my blood;

Filled me with guilt, of giving u such a liberty,

Filled me with rage, for letting u slaughter my dignity.

Forgive me, for I lose my control,

Make you feel it to your heart and soul.

My subtle being, getting so hampered,

I fear, I might destroy our whole being,

So spectacular.

Do you smell my fear in fiery skies?

Where demons shriek,

And scratch at my skin?

My lungs are slashed, shred and torn;

They inhale your hate,

They exhale my shame.

I long for you to become like those,

Who face my ferocity like that of a foe,

The ones who still care for their mother,

And still sweat, to protect her nature.

I long for that day to come,

When you shall drench in triumph,

That is not red,

And does not drip, drip with disgrace.

But until that day, I wait for you

Tenderly, I wait for you.

 P.S.: I am not very good at poems..but I still try my pen in poetry :) I know there might be multiple mistakes that I do not know about yet, so advices and corrections are always welcome! :)


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