Life: A Journey Forever

Ah! At last! No matter how early they try to finish with exams, they seem to last forever; and end as if they had just started! And today, I finish with my third year too. :D
Well, these three years weren't a piece of cake either! Rather, they moved with a snail's pace too. But now that I think of it, I feel like it wasn't long ago when I graduated from my beloved school with a deep regret of not fulfilling everybody's and my own expectations and landing at a place I never wanted to be in.
Anyway, I'm not here to wail over my sad story of mistakes and regrets or preach about some self-proclaimed philosophy!
I just happened to ponder, how these three years which flew by so fast have brought about changes, and some not-so-changes in me and in people around me; changes that actually looked like they never happened!
I feel like I'm still hanging on to that 18 year old girl who tried to move on from every flaw in the past and was optimistic that come what may, things will get better! Yes, that's sad that its been three years and I still am thinking the same way.
Only exception that now I've learned there are more to the kind of people I had met, that the world isn't fair, and that the world isn't that bad. I've accepted that I'm way too innocent, too naive to understand the desperation of people in being the foremost, by hook or crook; and that to stay ahead you can't pause for your breath, not even for a second!
And yet, with all the disparaging realizations  I have also come to learn to cherish my moments, whether good or bad, because somehow they are teaching me something. The bad ones are strengthening me; the good ones making me grateful for the priceless family and friends and the little happiness in between to face the bad ones again! I have also learned how to be bold, to fight for my ambitions, to make a stand and take the place I deserve!
However cliched it may sound, Everything does happen for a reason.
I just hope, this time, whatever happens, does not just happen in a 'disguised' good, but real good.
With just one year left to my graduation, another beginning to a new phase of my life, the nostalgia, of working harder, achieving greater, fulfilling own's expectations and that of everybody around and not ruining one of the most crucial stages of my life, is daunting me again.
Though the fact that I'm back to square one, only with a little bit of newly found wisdom, is not promising, yet it's not that intimidating either.
There are still many books to read, many words to learn for their deep rooted meanings.
There are still lot many places to see, lot many different people to meet and impress, from all over the country and the world!
There is still a lot of knowledge to gain, a lot of wisdom to understand.
There are still lot many risks to take, many achievements, many failures.
There are still many memories to make, many happiness to treasure.
There is still lot to understand about myself.
And I'm still just a 21 year old.
And every age has its own perks.
All you need to do is Move Forward!
#As an afterthought, this reminds me of my most favourite lines of all times:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before to I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
-Robert Frost

PS. One thing has definitely not changed: I still blabber a lot! :P


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