A Step Ahead

My friends might say this blogging trend is now long gone... today's the trend of 'tweeting', 'facebooking' and... oh yeah... 'Google+' (i wonder if the creative heads of the world would start calling it 'Google+ing'?)
Anyway, my point is.. I don't know how many of u would be interested in reading my claptrap, or even just viewing it, because i tend to write long, really long stuff. And yet, I'm writing  all of this... perhaps to justify the title "Discovering Myself".

I'm a confused person.. I still don't know whether I prefer going out partying or staying home reading. I still don't know if I can call myself an introvert or just the usual ambivert (but i do know that extrovert is completely out of the options!  :P)- Well, in short, I'm like the most of the population around the world.
In my quest to deal with such confusion, I try to learn more about myself...and of  course, day-to-day experiences give me quite a many lessons to reflect upon. Besides, writing gives one more space to understand oneself... and hence the title.
This idea came up to me...when bored of my daily routine, I wanted to do something new...something innovative, or in short, something that I can show to my HR during placements :P (hah.. I think for my long term benefits :D) and then I saw some friends' blogs.. even some strangers' blog.. and hence inspired to do so myself :)
Hopefully I write here regularly, bring out some new and interesting stuff for you to read.
Wish me Luck!
Cheers!! :)


  1. Welcome to never-going-to-be-an-old-trend! :D
    Good Luck. :)

  2. Dont use "...." everywhere. It looks less formal. :p

  3. Go ahead, gal!
    Hope u keep it up regularly n not drop it in middle like i did :(

  4. @priyanka didi.. thanks again..!! i've read ur blog too..! and i simply loved it..! :)

    @zaki... im so in a habit to use "..." tht sometimes i even use it in writing in paper :D will surely try to minisime the use!

    n u start ur own again na!! n do not give tht "no-time" thing..once in a month is okay!

  5. Except, of course, the usual grammatical errors, everything seems to be fine.
    Everyone starts a blog once in a while, but rarely anyone continues to write DAILY.
    Let us see how you go on to make it a trend or simply forget that the blog even exists.

  6. @mama.. thank you!! :)

    @smit..please do specify the errors! and yeah.. i cannnot write blog daily.. but i'll keep trying to update it..!!
    obviously.. im not gonna forget this one! :P

  7. well ..it doesn't matr hw short or long u write..thing which matters is its content...u write intrestingly well so keep going..:))

  8. That is really kind of u Anurag, Thanks a lot!! :)


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