How to save on your customer support cost without any compromises

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” - Jimmy Johnson

Enterprises are now being judged on the basis of the quality of services they provide to their customers . Having a great product/service platform is definitely a prerequisite for any company’s success. Yet, the way they help their customers with queries and support  is what distinguishes an extraordinary company  from an ordinary one.

With the increasing competition in almost all the industries, enterprises are now resorting to provide 24x7 support to their customers. Call centres, live chat platforms etc have been incorporated by almost every other company that plans to stay in the market for a long time.

However, valuable  custom support has become for modern day companies, the cost associated with it is a huge burn in their pockets. For ensuring quick resolution of queries over phone, a number of customer support agents have to be employed. And there is a cost associated with each one of them. Reducing their number would lead to network congestion and a lot of customer calls may go unanswered. Therefore, this does not seem to be an efficient cost cutting solution.

The need of the hour is to look for a way that can reduce the number of customer queries. This can be made possible if the customers have a better understanding of the product. One way to educate the customers about the product (a website/web app)  is made possible through interactive walkthroughs.

An in-app interactive walkthrough is a guided tour that breaks down lengthy online processes into step-by-step instructions. The instructions are visible in the form of balloon tips right within the website/web-app and the user does not need to leave the screen to read the next instruction.

There are various companies that provide seamless creation of these interactive walkthroughs without the need of any programming. I’ll mention two here:


  • Eliminate customer confusion: Whatfix provides a step-by-step guidance system that allows users perform any task from start to end successfully. This will reduce user confusion and help them understand your product better.

  • Accelerate learning via contextual help: The self-help widget, consists of help guides that can be quickly accessed by your users to solve their pain-points.
  • Convert created walkthroughs into multiple formats: Once you create a walkthrough, it is instantly converted into multiple formats like Slideshow, Video with annotations, Screenshots, and PDF. You can always opt to jump in the live walkthrough irrespective of which format you are using.
  • Provides free demo.

  • Cloud based Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform
  • WalkMe works by overlaying information in "tip-balloons" in the browser window.
  • Includes three modules: WalkMe Player, WalkMe Editor and WalkMe Analytics.
  • The amount charged for availing its services is pretty high. One can easily avail the same functionalities at reduced costs using WalkMe alternatives. This is the prime reason why a lot of WalkMe competitors have emerged in the recent times.

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